IRCTC hacked!!!

As stated by The Times in an article of May 2016, the Indian railway website was hacked by the hackers from some anti-social group. This was a major hack as it caused the loss of more than 1 crore rupees.
However professionals state that it is impossible to hack this website because of the following:
– This is a government website and could not be breached easily.
– A single person with an IP address cannot do more than the given number of bookings which makes this website all the more secure.
– Being a government website nobody (except the potential hackers) dares to hack the website or mess with the government.
– JSF technology is used which provides more security than others.
Some people also feel that hacking this site would not do any good to the hackers as there are ticket windows at every station and people can always use them as an alternative.
There is obviously no doubt regarding the same but ticket windows do not provide efficient service to the people. So IRCTC website was designed to make the process simpler and efficient for the people.
The website not only helps people to get tickets but also help them to get information about train schedules, etc. Hence any data theft from this website would definitely affect the people.
Now what we as a regular user of this site are supposed to do to safeguard our information???
1) The first and the foremost thing to keep in mind while using these kind of sites is to change your password regularly.
2) If you have logged in through any app it is better to reset your details frequently.

-by Himanshi Sharma

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