Ping of Death Attack

This tutorial demonstrates you how to perform the ping of death attack in Windows machine.

ping-of-death-sector443 called as the loop back address for a particular system . So inside a network we have this particular ip address reserved for a system itself to ensure the internal network a system is working perfectly fine.

ping – The command used in windows command prompt to send ICMP packets to ensure that the connection to that system is fine and the system is up


Ping of Death attack exploits the power of ping command and weakness of loopback address. When the command given below is executed intentionally or remotely on the victim machine , it flood the machine itself with so much of network pings with considerably large size , that it finally results in a self DOS attack.

OR attacker can spoof the ip-address of it’s system to be the victim’s ip address so when the request is received by victim it send the reply to itself over and over again.

Denial Of Service happens at this situation and the network as well as system is choked.


Death command : ping -t -l 65500




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