Search Engine Optimisation, ever came across this term????

Everyone today is depend on internet for all sorts of information. We are using search engines day in and day out for the same. Extracting information on any topic ranging from educational to entertainment is just a click away from us. And this is all possible just because of the search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc.

But have you ever thought that how these search engines must be working???These are using search engine optimisation technique.

SEO is a process by which a search engine fetches results to the query by the user or it searches for the websites having the same information as required by the user.

For the same purpose, spiders and crawlers are used. Spiders collect information on the given issue from various websites. And thus various links/websites are shown to the users having the information required by the user.

But sometimes these crawlers may also search for links which do not possess useful info but spam. Such websites can be blocked by the crawlers to make our searches more effective and time saving.

Now the question arises that how do search engines use spiders for finding information specific websites???

– Spiders search for the websites containing keywords which are frequently used by the users for their searches and based on this websites are displayed.

-It also checks for sites that keep updating their information so that useful info could be found for the user.

-Lastly, it checks for the various links connecting to that website. For instance, a website having several links for connecting to the important pages of the website is more popular than others which lack this feature.

-Pictures or images are the last thing which is used for SEO process.

An article by: Himanshi Sharma

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